S&A briefly ...

Head office

Scheeßel/Westerholz, at the premises of the Old Brick Manufacture

Commercial register

Register Court Walsrode HRB 71458


October 1992



General Manager

Elena Vasileva

Registered capital

100.000 Euro


Pest control in general and for protection of storage products
Company's permission for the application of phosphine, sulfuryl difluoride, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.
Own fumigation place at Hamburg harbor (terminal Eurogate)

Company's profile

Fumigation of conventional products within storages, silos, containers and ships

Fumigation (CO2) of organic products - organic treatment

Measuring and release of fumigated import containers including certificate

Measuring of harmful and toxic gases within import containers for health and safety

Heat treatment for wood for the international transport (IPPC, ISPM No 15) incl. certificate

Heat treatment for wood preservation (roof framework)

Pest control including documentation in line of HACCP

Repelling of doves and martens

Own product

Plant protection product FRISIN® - insecticide

German registration

Plant protection product FRISIN® - since 1998

European registration

Plant protection product FRISIN® -in preparation

Premises Westerholz

6.500 sqm halls, capacity for 1,900 tonnes of cereals for organic treatment
Bulk-Container for 1.873 tonnes

Silo Hamburg-Harburg

Capacity up to 30,000 tonnes of cereals for organic treatment