Fumigation of ships

Fumigation of ships became allowed in German harbours again since the new version of the TRGS 512 (Technical rules of hazardous substances) in 2007. This kind of fumigation is necessary when goods in ships (cereals mainly) are infested. If an infestation is recognized prior to delivery, the costs rise because of a possible returning of the loading, buying of an alternative batch and waiting times for the ship until everything is clarified.

In order to stop the loss of goods as well as expensive waiting times, S&A controls the pest directly in the ship.

S&A is one of the most important companies in Germany to fumigate ship loadings within short time and 100 percent success using the agent ‘phosphine’.  Please find more about FRISIN®.


Cereals are a valuable commodity. Wheat and other cereals are stored after harvesting and have long transports to their processing. At any time the danger of infestation exists, for example by grain beetle or moths. Consequences are the expensive loss of the batch as well as pathogene danger for human beings.

The most effective method of pest control is a fumigation based on the application of phosphine. Herewith insects are killed as well as their larvae and eggs.

S&A Service und Anwendungstechnik GmbH has registered a gas mixture whose active ingredient is phosphine. Its characteristic is the formulation, because it is a directly operating gas: no development stages have to be gone through prior to its efficacy. It is registered as FRISIN® and is unique in Europe! Please find more about FRISIN®.

Regarding to nitrogen being the carrier material, the gas is spreading through the whole silo within short time.

Since 1998 S&A operates with FRISIN® has fumigated

  • flat stores of a size of 500 to – 120,000 to and 
  • silos of a size of 100 to – 90,000 to in the whole of Germany successfully.
Fumigation of silos