Fumigation and pest control service of Containers for Export

Global transports (imports and exports) are still increasing. Within all these packed goods different insects might be hidden and released in a new living environment after transport. Damaging of the existing eco-systems might follow. Therefore containers are treated with chemicals to control these pests worldwide.

The chemicals used for pest control are phosphine (PH3) and sulfuryl difluoride (SO2F2) in Germany and the EU. Treatments with methyl bromide (CH3Br) are not allowed in the EU any more due to the destruction of the ozone layer, but this ingredient still applied in other countries of the world.

We fumigate containers

  • On our own fumigation place at the terminal Eurogate in Hamburg (capacity of 64 units)
  • In the harbour of Hamburg (different places), Bremen, Bremerhaven and the Baltic Sea
  • During the day
  • By night
  • Just in time

After each treatment you receive a ‘certificate of fumigation’, which is needed for the international transports like shipping.


Measuring and Release Certificate

There is a need for a ‘release certificate’ and therefore the measuring of gas intensities in import containers when:

  • containers are stopped by the authorities (police, customs duty or department of plant health)
  • the papers of a container include a foreign fumigation certificate

Our technicians are able to control the intensities of various gases as there are:

  • hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid)
  • phosphorus hydride (phosphine) and substances and preparation forming phosphorus hydride
  • Sulfuryl difluoride (sulfuryl fluoride)
  • bromomethane (methyl bromide)

In general we are able to deliver a ‘release certificate’ within 48 hours after order. Please contact us in time!